First Assault

Mors asked the party to examine a small tiefling supply depot/fort/outpost not too far from the rebel camp. They agreed, after a few days of rest. At the camp, the party also met Aleksander Delshazior, Bunden Bravedig, and the Waynesterr, additions to the group.

A subset of the party set out to examine the tiefling fort. Aleksander Delshazior, Ytaexeeloo, Hooch, Bunden, Waynesterr, Sithis and Cyril were all present. After seeing a well-defended front gate and no other apparent entrances, the party decided to create a diversion and draw some of the tieflings out to fight. Ytae set a fire around the back of the fort and the party waited for the tieflings to respond. Two small groups were quickly sent out to look at the threat, and handily dispatched by the PCs. Over the course of the fight, Waynesterr sliced a tiefling into thirds with a critical hit, Sithis turned one into a pile of ashes and a pair of boots with a well-placed shocking grasp sneak attack, but the greatest honors go to Hooch.

The minotaur, enraged with a particular tiefling that targeted him more than once, bull rushed the tiefling into the fire. After pushing the tiefling in, Hooch jumped in after him and grappled with him in. the. fire. The enemy was, naturally, quickly dispatched. Another group was sent from the fort and just as easily killed, though Ytae did have to chase down one that tried to escape back to the fort interior. After the two fights, the group decided to retreat and rest a bit while they determined a plan for entry.



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